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[Last Update 11/26/2021]

"The Buggy"
See pictures of the VTR #3 van (caboose) as it was in the past, and as it stands today.

My Model Train
View my constantly updated page with pictures and info about my HO scale model train set.  Here you will also find info about modeling the VTR.

Hobby Shops
The low-down on Vermont and mail order hobby shops.  No sales pitch, just honest opinions.

Other spots on the web where you can find info about the VTR, Model Railroads, or trains in general.

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My model 202 engine

Site Purpose
This site was built as a resource for people interested in modeling the Vermont Railway (Now known as Vermont Rail System).  I am modeling the VTR in HO Scale.  Other people have modeled it in other scales such as Lionel, as found on my Links page.  My father, Paul P. Mangan, worked on the VTR as a conductor (and sometimes engineer) for most of his life, and until retirement.   Prior to the VTR, my father (and his father) also worked for the Rutland Railroad, and possibly several other railroads that I am unaware of at this time.  One of my brothers, Danny Mangan, also worked on the VTR for several years.

Thanks to the kind staff at VRS, I have actual diagrams of the VTR yards for the following areas:
Burlington, Shelburne, Middlebury, Florence, Rutland (and Center Rutland), North Bennington, Bennington, Hoosick Junction, and Whitehall (CLP Route).  You can find them on the "My Model Train" section of this site.

This is actually my first "from scratch" layout.  When I was a kid, we had a fairly large layout in my father's basement, but that was quite some time ago.  Although it was the best layout in the world at the time (in my perspective as a kid), we weren't quite as realistic as I would like to be now, and now that I'm older, it has become more of a "precision scale" modeling project.  To sum it up, it now costs more money, takes more time, but in the end, it is just as enjoyable as it was for me when I was a kid!

I am always looking for information regarding the history of the VTR, as well as anyone that may have knowledge of my father's history on the railroad.  I would also be very interested in hearing any info about my Grandfather that worked for the Rutland Railroad, as an engineer (back in the days of the Steam Engines of course).  Any corrections, input, and comments are ALWAYS welcome through my email found at the bottom of this page.

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