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My father, Paul P. Mangan working in the VTR #3 Caboose (1970's)

"The Buggy"
See pictures of the VTR #3 van (caboose) as it was in the past, and as it stands today.

My Model Train
View my constantly updated page with pictures and info about my HO scale model train set.  Here you will also find info about modeling the VTR.

Hobby Shops
The low-down on Vermont and mail order hobby shops.  No sales pitch, just honest opinions.

Other spots on the web where you can find info about the VTR, Model Railroads, or trains in general.


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The above pictures were taken on 1/1/98.  I tried to get as many details as possible so they would be helpful in modeling this caboose.  You are free to download them for personal use only.   For any other use please contact me through email for permission.


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Here is a picture of someone I found on the net that also has an interest in our caboose.  As I mentioned before, we always welcomed visitors with open arms.  Click the image to visit his web site devoted to the Addison Railroad (Nice site with great picture gallery!).  Go to the "How I became interested" page to see this pictures in full size.

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